Smart Contract Security

The QUAD token, the native token of the Quadency ecosystem, is built on the foundation of security and reliability. Quadency takes security seriously and has followed industry best practices to provide a highly secure trading terminal for its users. As part of this effort, the smart contract of the QUAD token has undergone a comprehensive audit by Zokyo, a reputable cybersecurity firm known for providing top-notch audit solutions for blockchain-based companies in the crypto, DeFi, and NFT industries.

Zokyo's cyber security experts have conducted a full audit of the QUAD token smart contract and provided a report that is publicly available for review here. The audit has thoroughly analyzed the smart contract codebase for any potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that QUAD token users can trust the security and reliability of the token. Quadency's commitment to security and transparency through smart contract auditing provides peace of mind to users and establishes a solid foundation for the rapidly growing QUAD ecosystem.

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