Cody, AI Trading Assistant

Introducing Cody, the AI-powered trading assistant from Quadency. Cody allows traders to automate their trading strategies using simple chat commands in plain English. Powered by Quadency's proprietary AI and NLP models, Cody is designed to be highly accurate, efficient, and easy to use.

Cody leverages advanced machine learning techniques to interpret natural language instructions and translate them into executable code. With Cody, traders can automate their trades without needing advanced programming skills, saving time and effort while allowing for virtually infinite types of strategies.

Cody's AI and NLP models are designed to handle complex technical strategies, such as scalping, trend following, and even social listening.

Traders can leverage Cody's automation capabilities to eliminate emotion from the trading process, ensuring a disciplined and structured approach to trading. The system executes trades based on real-time market data and parameters provided by the trader, reducing the risk of impulsive decisions driven by fear or greed.

Cody's intelligent automation capabilities also allow traders to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. The system can analyze large volumes of market data, identify patterns and trends, and execute trades in real-time. This allows traders to capitalize on opportunities as they arise, maximizing profits and minimizing risk.

Here's an example of how straightforward it is to use Cody:

Trade 100 DOGE/USDT using a scalping strategy on the 5 minute timeframe with 1% profit target and 2% stop loss.

In summary, Cody is a highly advanced and powerful trading assistant that allows traders to automate their technical strategies using natural language commands. With Cody, traders can enjoy increased efficiency, precision, and accuracy, while also reducing the risk of emotional trading decisions.

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