Overview of QUAD

QUAD is the native token of the Quadency platform, designed for active crypto traders. It represents the next generation of platform utility, offering much lower trading costs, enhanced platform features, and the future of community governance rights to Quadency users.

QUAD serves as the foundation of the rapidly growing Quadency ecosystem. Reaching hundreds of thousands of active users around the world and billions of dollars in executed trading volume, we are in a unique position to expand on a proven business model and generate value for our loyal user base. We have thoughtfully designed QUAD to incentivize platform engagement from new and existing users while also increasing demand for QUAD over time.

QUAD's utility lies in paying for transaction fees on the Quadency platform and accessing features such as trading bots and backtesting. By replacing monthly subscription fees with a usage-based pricing model, QUAD lowers the barriers to entry and rewards active users through token incentivization programs. By adding a token economy to Quadency’s fully operational smart trading platform, we are expanding the platform’s unified experience with access to more digital markets, more investment strategies, and more ways to earn such as staking and liquidity incentives.

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