QUAD platform integration and usage benefits

QUAD Token offers several benefits to active crypto traders, including lower trading costs, enhanced platform features, and future governance rights. By holding and using QUAD, traders can take advantage of several unique features that can help them maximize their profits and improve their trading experience. These features include trading discounts, rewards for holding QUAD, liquidity incentives, and a next-generation governance system that gives users a greater say in the development of the platform.

QUAD Token's utility can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Trading Discounts: QUAD holders can enjoy low-fee trading for bot trading, smart order trades on QUADX, and manual trades on connected accounts in the multi-exchange terminal.

  2. Earn Rewards: All QUAD held in a user's Quadency account automatically qualifies for the community rewards program, which can earn up to 30% APY with daily payouts.

  3. Liquidity Incentives: Providing liquidity on Uniswap can earn QUAD holders a share of 100,000+ QUAD weekly, while also improving market liquidity and reducing slippage for all QUAD traders.

  4. Next-Gen Governance: The Quadency platform is built for its users, with a next-gen governance system in development. Soon, QUAD holders will be able to propose and vote on new platform features, bots, and QUADX listings.

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