Team and Advisors

The Quadency team is comprised of a group of industry leaders with diverse backgrounds in finance, economics, mathematics, engineering, and design. Our team is driven by a passion for innovation and creative problem-solving.

Leading the team as CEO and Co-Founder is Rosh Singh. With a wealth of experience in developing cutting-edge applications in the crypto, forex, and personal finance markets, Rosh has been an early participant in the crypto space.

Manish Kataria serves as Quadency's President and Co-Founder, bringing with him over 15 years of experience in innovative, data-driven digital strategy and implementation. He has particularly focused on marketing blockchain-based financial applications.

As CTO, Hassan Khan leads Quadency's blockchain development team with expertise in smart contract development and Solidity programming. With a Princeton degree in computer science and philosophy, Hassan applies his engineering expertise to build innovative blockchain solutions.

Dr. Viral Tolat is a member of Quadency's board and serves as a strategic advisor. With a PhD from Stanford, Dr. Tolat has extensive experience in engineering the Forex infrastructure used by Wall Street today. He also led TradAir's entry into crypto markets as CEO.

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