QUAD will launch on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token with a total supply capped at 400,000,000 QUAD. The target distribution through all rounds of the token sale is 100,000,000 QUAD, and any unsold tokens will be burned and thereby removed from circulation.
QUAD will have a decreasing supply over time via quarterly token burns equal to 25% of the revenue generated on the platform, until the total supply is reduced by half. Tokens burned will come from a combination of sources including trading fees paid in QUAD, company reserves, and direct buybacks on the open market.
Quadency is committed to maintaining a deflationary supply policy for the benefit of all existing token holders and to publish detailed reports of token burns every quarter to ensure full transparency.

Token Supply

Supply Schedule

Supply Distribution

Use of Funds

The Reserve allocation will include

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Ecosystem Development Fund
  • Strategic Partners
  • Bug Bounties

Network Incentives will go towards

  • User Airdrops
  • Community Management
  • Staking Dividends
  • Liquidity Mining
Quadency is proud to earmark 1% of the Reserve for long-term charitable giving. Users will get to vote on charity

Lockups and Vesting

Tokens allocated for the Reserve and Private Distribution will be subject to vesting periods to ensure fair distribution and long-term commitment for all stakeholders. These tokens will be locked in smart contracts and vested on a monthly basis.
  • Team allocation vested over 3 years beginning 3 months after launch
  • Existing Investors allocation vested over 9 months
  • 25% of Reserve will be available upon launch to support growth and marketing efforts and the rest vested over 3 years