Token Utility

QUAD will serve as the foundation of the rapidly growing Quadency ecosystem. With tens of thousands of active users around the world and billions of dollars in executed trading volume, we are in a unique position to expand on a proven business model and generate value for our loyal userbase. QUAD has been thoughtfully designed to incentivize platform engagement from new and existing users while also increasing demand for QUAD over time. By adding a token economy to Quadency’s fully operational smart trading terminal, we are expanding the platform’s unified experience with access to more digital markets, more investment strategies, and more ways to earn such as staking and providing liquidity.
At its core, the utility of QUAD is derived from its ability to pay for transaction fees on the up and coming Quadency Exchange and access to other platform features such as trading bots and backtesting. This marks a significant transition as we replace the monthly subscription fees with a new usage-based pricing model. With the introduction of QUAD and pay-as-you-go fees, our mission is to both lower the barriers to entry by eliminating high start-up costs and reward active users through token incentivization programs.
Discounted Platform Fees - Quadency users will receive tiered fee discounts across the entire product suite based on their QUAD token holdings over a certain period of time.
Token Rewards - All participants in the Quadency ecosystem will have many opportunities to earn QUAD in order to ensure our commitment to equitable token distribution. These avenues include, but are not limited to, providing liquidity on Quadency Exchange and DEX trading pairs, staking QUAD tokens, and referral commissions to encourage network effects.
Access to New Features - QUAD will power the future of the Quadency platform as we expand with new features and markets. The Bots Marketplace will enable traders of all levels to collaborate and share automated strategies while earning QUAD, the Token Launchpad will give the community exclusive opportunities to kickstart exciting new projects, and voting functionality will enable token holders to have a say in new features and exchange listings.