Quadency is lead by a team of industry experts and creative problem solvers. Our backgrounds span a diverse spectrum of fields including finance, economics, mathematics, engineering, and design.

Early to crypto markets, Rosh is a founder and technologist who has a broad range of experience in bringing to market cutting-edge applications in the crypto, forex, and personal finance.

Manish brings 15+ years of innovative, data-driven digital strategy and implementation experience to the Quadency team, particularly in the area of marketing blockchain-based financial applications.

Stanford PHD, Dr. Viral Tolat was immersed as an engineer in building out much of the Forex infrastructure used by Wall Street today; more recently he headed TradAir’s entry into crypto markets as CEO.

As a Princeton graduate who studied computer science and philosophy, Hassan applies his engineering expertise in smart contract development and Solidity programming to lead the blockchain development team at Quadency.

Andy has been on the leading edge of mobile development for over a decade, having delivered multiple apps and founded several startups in the financial services, sports, and gaming industries.
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