Quadency follows best practices for the Financial and Blockchain industries to provide peace of mind and a highly secure trading terminal for all users:
  • Our token is in good company by having its smart contract audited by Zokyo’s cyber security experts. Zokyo provides a proven audit solution for securing blockchain-based companies in the crypto, DeFi, and NFT industries. Our full audit by Zokyo is complete with a report available to the public for review.
  • Quadency places a firm focus on platform security, 24/7. Our full set of security measures is designed to keep our users’ data and accounts protected, including required strong passwords and end-to-end encryption on user data, passwords, and API keys. We provide advanced measures to mitigate DDoS, brute force, and automated scripting attacks, and use top industry-testing procedures to ensure total compliance with reliability standards.
In addition to Quadency’s rigorous testing program, an insurance allocation is in place to help ensure our users are protected during unforeseen events. Read more here.