Quadency's incredible success set the bar for smart trading platforms, but our business is always evolving. We're doubling down on growth by continuing to innovate products, improve technology, and collaborate with people who will shape our industry in the coming years.

Quadency Tomorrow

Quadency Exchange

Quadency Exchange will launch as a native trading platform providing users with expanded access to a broad range of assets from multiple exchanges, all in one account. Previously, users had to connect with us through a third-party exchange such as Binance or Kucoin. That will no longer be necessary, but available to users who wish to continue to maintain and manage multiple exchange accounts. Customers will now be able to deposit funds and trade directly with us.

There's a Bot for That

Our automated trading framework was an instant hit with Quadency users. We will continue to grow our library of bot strategies, while further simplifying the experience for new traders. These will include all the bot types crypto traders care about including those capable of cutting losses and maximize gains through pre-defined profit-taking and stop-loss orders. New automation features will build on the robust automation tools already available on the Quadency Platform. Technical users who know how to code can soon contribute new strategies to earn QUAD.

DeFi, Demystified

We will introduce ways to earn rewards on assets deposited with Quadency, including exclusive rewards for QUAD holders and liquidity providers. In addition, users will have early access to promising assets exclusively trading on decentralized exchanges.

New Revenue Model

Powered by QUAD token, the platform will do away with monthly subscriptions in lieu of a more equitable, usage-based revenue model with discounts for QUAD token holders, and incentives for strategy contributors.